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  In aerial latitudes and the silent margins of heat and cold, day and clairvoyant dusk, the mirage shimmers above our wilderness, evoking plangent echoes of something lost and longed for.   Risk the serpentine defiles, the jackal's jaws and searing sand, risk the rugged rocks for miles...
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Let me first start off by saying - shoot! I had a wonderful idea for today's post just after I went bed last night and now I don't remember!Ok, another new start- keep paper and pen by my bedside for recording ideas and dreams. Speaking of dreams, I found a little time today...
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One sure way to make me crazy is to ask me where I’m going every time I leave the room or the building or even my chair. Walking down the street in my neighborhood people I barely know often ask me, “Where are you going?” And my gut reaction, that voice inside my head, always answers, “Who the hell...
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When I was a little girl, at recess, I would go to the rusty swings and kick myself back and forth. Not the “high” swinging joy of the other children. Just a couple of kicks to keep me swaying. The swings made a distinctive whiny screech, melodic, haunting. From my childhood home, you could hear...