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Throw back the drapesto reluctantly face another dayof rush hours and busy-ness~ when I long to sit and drink ina pink stained sky,where the moon perches~like a benevolent king on the horizon,reluctant to yield to the sun. The owl hoots as retires his watch,and a mockingbird heralds the dawn...
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Stumble out of bed into   murky gray darkness.   The woodpecker taps unceasingly, against my window pane.   Mockingbird sings his morning song,   As dawn's rosy breath, rises above the treetops. © annettealaine-2013
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  Yesterday at dawn, a pair of trumpeter swans glided along the mirror-still, tea-colored water at the mouth of the Amnicon River.  The atmosphere was chill, soft-edged with a mist that blurred the definition of earth, water, and sky.  The new sun cast no shadows: in the weak light...
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The moon has floated up into the night sky like a big silver bubble and cast its sequined black cape down on the bay.  Almost always the little town of Pacific Grove is pretty quiet after dark, quiet as The Grave that school kids call it.    A couple of years ago, we would go walking every...
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Will you dare walk with me on this journey of new beginnings founded on hope and beauty of the spirit in the face of challenges and trials that threaten to endanger our love and cherishment for one another across this hurting world we live in each new day?     I see visions of glory andwonders...
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The moon started to grow pale as the dawn approached.. But Nadin's thin white skin still glowed, as if saturated by her long exposure to the gaze of the moon.. All those nights.. (a breeze passed softly over her, from head to toe, as she lay on the floor of the front porch)... She glanced at the...
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I've become a fan of Netflix.com. I confess. Instead of writing my blog, it's been constant catch-up on movies that I've missed over the last couple of years. What's so addictive about it is that you can put on earphones and avoid disturbing anyone at all hours of the night and early morn. Then,...
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The last time John and I were on Topsail Island, we were having dinner in a restaurant when John suddenly said, "Do you see that waitress over there? That's Dawn." I figured he must mean the character Dawn in my latest book, Before the Storm. I turned to look at the waitress. She was a...