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(Blurbs, if anyone isn't familiar with the term, are the quotes of praise from authors often seen on the back jacket of a book) In 1855, a little known poet named Walt Whitman mailed Ralph Waldo Emerson a first edition of Leaves of Grass. A glowing letter came back with what might seem...
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Holiday Signings and a New Arrival I'm back from my brief weekend break. Over the last few weeks I have seen first hand how the economy and the increased use of the internet for book purchasing is effecting the normal author book signing events.As anybody who has checked out my interviews, reviews...
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David Liss is the author of classics of historical fiction from his Edgar Award-winning debut A Conspiracy of Paper, which was rooted in his academic studies, through the fabulous tale of the Portuguese Inquisition and the Amsterdam commodities exchange, The Coffee Trader, and on into his...