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Shirley Jones is the 79-year old Oscar-winning star of great movie musicals, important films, and The Partridge Family on the small screen. And, she is a wonderful singer of Broadway standards, having appeared as the ingenue in Oklahoma, Carousel, and The Music Man. Her new tell-all story is...
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My first celebrity crush was David Cassidy. I was in fourth grade and Friday nights were the best night of the week for t.v. No matter what I  was  doing, come 8:00pm ET, I would plop myself on the floor in front of our new color tv and tune in to Channel 7. The ABC line-up on Friday's...
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We all have our favorite authors. One of mine happens to be the British columnist, Allison Pearson, who, in 2002, wrote the penultimate way-we-everywomen-live-now novel, I Don't Know How She Does It.  If you haven't read it, well shame on you. It is a witty, subversive book in which the heroine,...
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The challenge has gone out at Red Room to try and get a grip on the insane amount of success, or is it fame?, the pop singer, Justin Bieber, a mere 16 year-old, has risen to in just over a year's time.  Those of my generation are shaking their heads. Justin who? How? What?  Me, I'm a children's...