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After I posted my blog yesterday, I felt darned good. In fact, I was excited. So many good books coming out this year!  Whenever people say "Nobody reads anymore"  "Print is dead" I want to ask them "Okay then, how come there's so many good stories out there? This year I'm planning on...
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David Abrams' debut, Fobbit, a harrowingly funny novel about the Iraq War, was not only a New York Times notable book of 2012, but it zoomed onto the Best Books Lists from Barnes & Noble, Paste, Amazon, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Publishers Weekly--and my own personal list, too. He's also...
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  It's that time of year again. Roll out the holly, try not to get trampled at Target, it's the holidays! And the holidays are not complete without what? Peppermint? Charlie Brown Christmas? Doing a solitice dance? Why my Holiday Book Picks!  Okay it might not be a tradition as say, Bing...