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Happy heart day all!! I think I am just now finally escaping a karmic curse I accrued in the eighth grade.  I had a boyfriend during that auspicious portion of Jr. High for, oh, maybe 8 weeks.  (That's like 2 years in grown up time)  Unfortunately I was too shy to actually talk to him.  And way too...
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Talking to Ms. Mary L. Harvey is painful. When she talks, you can still hear the sadness in her voice, the disbelief in her heart. If you listen closely, you can also hear and feel the strength in her resolve and her new found determination to be heard. Imagine for a moment... you are a woman,...
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In the movie When Harry Met Sally, Billy Crystal's character makes a passionate case that a man can't be friends with a woman because he's always thinking about having sex with her. In 2003, when I became friends with Ted, a transplanted Yankee radio engineer who set up my NC recording studio,...
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A New Way to be Sure About Your New Relationship Tired of aimless dating that leads nowhere?Looking for a life partner and not willing to waste anymore time?Willing to spend a week with your potential new mate and pay for it?Well then, welcome to Hotel Possibility: the place where you can learn...
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Former NFL Wife Offers A Straight Talk, No Chaser Retort to the Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man Phenomenon -- A resounding retort to Steve Harvey's runaway bestseller "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man". Setting the record straight on today's playing field is a mother-daughter team...
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It's tricky being single, over 40 and living in a rural community. With the limited population, let's just say the odds of finding a potential romantic interest are about as good as catching a 200 pound Musky in a creek--in a drought. My single friends all troll the dating site, Plenty of Fish....
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Why Do I Have to Think Like a Man?     Introduction: "Where We Started"......................................   Part One What Do Men Really Want?   Chapter 1:  You Can't Change Him............................................. Chapter 2:  The Married Man...
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http://www.freecoloringsheets.net/samples/Study/Bookworm_Boy.png   Free Dating Site for BookwormsBy Maryann Yin  Alikewise has launched a free dating service that matches people based on a compatible reading tastes. "Alikewise is about finding common ground based on what you like to read...
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I think the title to my Crushable piece "5 Good Things About My Worst Date Ever" says it all. I don't know that I'm up for tons more online dating after this experience, but I'm glad I went.
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Yesterday while driving to the local park to take my morning run, I was listening to one of our very popular radio stations here in our delightful city and during the news break for the station, I heard this story "woman who suspcted her husband of cheating, found out that not only was he...