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With everyone talking about Christmas......... read more
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They're back.  You know, those sunny yellow flowers that we use to tickle beneath the chin to see if one liked butter?  And when the blooms finished, its fluffy "puff-heads" were fun to blow and scatter in the breeze.  Well, what was once a fun flower in our childhood is now a...
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  It's that time of year again when all my good neighbors are out in their gardens, making our neighborhood a lovely, colorful, vibrant place to live. And then there's me. I consider it my duty to make my neighbors feel better about themselves. Yes, their tulips may not be the biggest...
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Dandelions Can Be People, too “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” –John Fitzgerald Kennedy It’s dandelion season here in Prague. Yesterday, with the help of a long metal weed-puller, I dug hundreds of the...
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We just came home from celebrating our grandson Sam’s 13th birthday. With a band trip coming up to Illinois State at Bloomington/Normal, he declined the recent custom of celebrating with buddies and asked his folks to just have his grandparents over this year. It has been awhile since we were the...
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I have fond memories of picking dandelions and daisies in some vast country field during the warm spring days of my childhood. Skipping through the knee high grass, searching for the perfect flower, I mastered leaping, hopping, and jumping over patches of white and yellow blooms until I found that...
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No photo with this post because my husband and I wolfed down the dandelions before I could even think of grabbing the camera. We ate them with potatoes cooked in duck fat and two blood sausages, homemade and bought.. The homemade sausage still needs some work but it was way better than the one we...