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I think we may be the only people with a Christmas tree still standing, lights on, in our living room. Everyone else has packed away the festive decorations. Not me, the skeptic. I won’t take them down just yet. As the twelfth day of Christmas, The Feast of the Epiphany, Little Christmas, Three...
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  January 6   MARIAN         Even if the whole world was created in a cipher and whirls off into nothingness, this is still not a commentary on the existence of God.  We have today.  For this moment of sobriety there is a power greater than my despair, my...
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“Becoming and being have no relationship with each other, they move in entirely different directions,” asserts J. Krishnamurti in “Asceticism and Total Being.”  Indeed. Becoming and Being are as different as Anchorites and Eremites.  An anchorite was a devout believer who allowed him/her-self to be...