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Seasons repeat year after year: spring, summer, fall, winter, and then back to spring. But the human seasons have one cycle: childhood, youth, manhood, and the age for waiting to be called home. (In this photo: Honey (daughter-in-law), David (son), Phyllis (wife), Hi-Dong, Julie...
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Adults are inclined to the illusion that all children love clowns and masks and life-sized puppets, but the unknown being inside a funny fuzzy bear costume can sometimes reduce a bemused infant to tears.   In Alex Grant's new work, THE CIRCUS POEMS, he picks up the theme of FEAR OF MOVING...
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                          Birth of Mary - Benozzo Gozolli   The room had  a ceiling as high as the sky,candleglow, gilt cornices, limpid reflection above the mantelshelf,curved glazingand serpentine planes to the furniture I...
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I think the word birdsong is annoying.  It sounds lofty and precious and annoying, when, in fact, robins squalling at 5 am isn't song but advertisement. Come to me little sexy robin bird and let me nest with you, the song goes on and on and on.  And on.  The one right now in my backyard needs...