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   "As I dragged the tip of the comb back and forth across my arm, I feel the pain seep out with the blood. That may sound crazy, yet that is how it feels as I cut myself once more. Colin and I have been fighting again. I told myself the last time that I would not do this again, but I...
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       20,000 words are written!  
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  A common and disturbing issue that happens with teenagers concerns addictions and self-harm. According to the World Health Organization, 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression, which often leads to self-harm and addiction. According to the National Institute of Mental Health...
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Our friend Webster defines “addiction” as “compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal.” The number of different addictions (which today includes the title of compulsive obsession behaviors) seems to...
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In an ideal world, teen years should include dating, shopping for new clothes, slumber parties, school football games, making new friendships, striving for a 4.0 grade average, the prom and crushes on your Biology teacher. Unfortunately, this isn’t an ideal world. It never has been. For those of us...
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  Reviewers, are you on NetGalley? You can get a free ebook copy of SCARS! In Scars, Kendra must face her past and stop hurting herself–before it’s too late. Scars deals with self-harm, sexual abuse, and being queer, and was #1 in ALA’s Top 10 Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers, a...
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I stayed up most of the night last night to write a "brief" comment.  The comment was about Alabama's Congress-man? and his rubberband stretch to the  reactionary right in support of legislation, which would, in fact, make every Alabamian a de facto immigration officer.  His rubberband...
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Reasons Not To Hurt Yourself by Cheryl Rainfield Because you do not deserve to be hurt, not by anyone, not even yourself; Because you deserve the same compassion, kindness, and love that everyone else does, and that you would give to a friend; Because if you hurt yourself, you are...
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Secrets by Kristen Rice  It begins below her ribcage, The knife, again, does twist. Her thoughts not only hurt herself, But also hurts her wrists. Her conscience yells and tells her, That she will be alright. But what her conscience doesn’t know, Is that it’s an internal fight. So she does it once...
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The RedRoom counter today showed that more than five thousand people accessed my website since its posting six months ago.  An ever increasing number of you are tuning in to the audio of the opening pages of my two novels, The Sureness of Horses and White Man's Blues.   Thank  you!  Now, if some...