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It occurs to me that something afoul might be afoot in the corporate land that employs me. I, a remote worker, have a great deal of difficulty staying connecting to the corporate mother ship. I often blamed myself, my system, my ISP, and so on. Then, while waiting for calls to begin the last few...
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For the past three days, I have watched gangs of criminals run wild in the city that I have chosen for my home. Distressing reports of looting, arson, random violence have filled tv screens and newspapers and social media. In these three days, I have grown angrier and sadder with every news update...
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Last weekend in Berkeley I heard that that jobs of physical education instructors at UC Berkeley are under attack. The Daily Californian, the student newspaper, said, "next fall, the program is set to lose half of its courses and reduce most of its faculty to half-time, prompting backlash from...
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So yesterday I spent two and one half hours on my hair.  Well, actually more, as I had washed it myself and blown it dry before driving to the salon and getting it painted with color and then rewashed and re-conditioned and cut and blown dry.  I also spent more than half that time covered in foil...