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Christmas is a most solemn holiday because it honors the preciousness of the human spirit and the limited time that humans can partake of that spirit. Christmas is a most joyous holiday because it expresses the emergence of the human spirit from the brutality of wild existence. Christmas was a...
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If I cannot express my loveAnd if the society prevents itThen to live on this Earth is how?I understand not even a bit Just to tell a girl my mindIf I am denied a chanceHer thought how can I find?Are young men useless pawns? If my emotions remain undisclosedAnd love for her is in heart lockedIf my...
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 This article,excerpted from http://www.rediff.com/news/1999/aug/18us2.htm ,reminds me of the first time I met my husband's nephews--one called himself Given Name Surname, while his brother used the more traditional Surname, Given name.   "Last name first, First name last, Middle initial,...