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The Italian general elections, which take place on the 24-25th February, are shaping up to be one of the most unpredictable since Silvio Berlusconi first swept to power in 1994 on the ruins of the so-called First Republic. That one took place in the midst of the chaos brought about by the...
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Here I am in the midst of the Italian election campaign, possibly one of the most important for the country since 1948, featuring the spectres (I use the word advisedly) or Silvio Berlusconi, back from the grave to save his skin with his usual mix of candour and self.sacrifice, and the equally...
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  As you may be aware, Europe these days is buzzing with protests against the bizarre, self-harming austerity measures that have been imposed on assorted less-deserving countries around the Eurozone, at the hands of assorted technocrats or willing middle-managers posing as politicians. On the...
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In the past couple of months two, count 'em, two of our major appliances have conked out on us. And our water heater. Now that's a pretty hefty outlay of money, I think you'll agree. We're your typical, middle class family, making ends meet, barely, and there usually isn't much room for...
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American Galaxy is my upcoming new book:  http://uwachuku.googlepages.com/americangalaxy  
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"We told you so" said Nancy McAfee of the California State System upon the news that Richard Rodriguez, 43 who in 1998 was sentenced to 175 years in prison for beating and raping a San Leandro woman, was paroled on the new law to release 330,00 prisoners from California Institutions.  ...
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Notwithstanding your political views, what is happening in town hall meetings across our country exemplifies the worst in human interaction. What happened to the question-answer colloquies that allow each side to be heard? They appear to have been supplanted with free-for-all gatherings, where one...
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Good things come in threes. Three Bears. Three Lord of the Rings movies. Three volumes of Pride and Prejudice. … And now, three Jane '08 videos. Yes, it's a trilogy, and no, my candidate is not ready to concede. Check it out. Tell your friends. Share, embed, and spread the word.   If you...