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          Preemptive 96 Cure 69  #Eon #2012 #2017  Copyright © 2012 by Klaudio Zic.             69   Cancer is an astrologically manageable periodical disturbance that is averted by RTRRT. The preemptive strike is best operated...
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Susan G. Komen was married, with two small children, when she was given a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. She fought a valiant fight with every known treatment at the time until her body could withstand no more and died in 1980. Before she passed away she had her younger sister,...
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I either heard it on TV or read it somewhere, but the message was for me and for many others. The truth of it has changed my life. “It’s not my job to get love, but to give it.” Therein lies the cure for lonely people at Christmas or any special time of the year. For years I have felt abandoned by...
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I have a friend--I'll call her Jennie--who was diagnosed eight months ago with breast cancer. I learned this very recently. Jennie and I are friends whose worlds overlap only along a very particular seam: we meet and see each other thanks to our dogs, who compete in canine agility. In the sport of...
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 The Da Vinci Code meets Sex and The Cityin this darkly comic thrillerabout an STD people are dying to get   My new novel The Sower is a morality tale, completely flipped on its head. It’s about a guy who becomes the sole carrier of a manmade supervirus that appears to cure...
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Mexico and Bonding At that time, in the 1970s, everyone was talking about a miracle cancer cure that was being offered in Mexico; it had been reported in newspapers, and magazines carried stories about it. While some people said they were cured of their cancer, others labeled it a hoax. But because...