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He had the most beautiful fingers. With head bent slightly tuning the sitar, he looked like a mother putting a child to sleep. Ravi Shankar is asleep forever. He died on Tuesday, December 11, at 92. Frozen in death, memories come alive. He made the sitar, essentially an accompanying instrument...
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Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell image via www.aksara.com The missus urged me to read this book because, I think, she wanted us to see the now-released movie, and wished me not to be too confused by the elliptical plotting and the horde of characters. So I obliged. It took only a few pages to...
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Every so often I come across a book on my show that I think people should read, not just for enjoyment but in many ways for education as well. While I have only been in America for twelve years thanks to a lot of knowledge picked up doing “A Book and a Chat” one could say I know more about the...
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As I write this, my plane has just taken off from Heathrow, seven hours after its scheduled departure. I spent six of them on the tarmac, trying to soothe the part of my brain that was spinning a story about British Airways’ incompetence. That was fairly challenging: during the previous hour,...
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We spent our first real Thanksgiving Dinner as a family at the home of a colleague of my husband. They taught together at a university in a small Midwestern college town. We were very happy for the invitation. We were curious about this national American holiday and were anxious to spend it with...
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  Maybe the secret lies somewhere between The Unabomber and Kim Kardashian? I once read something along the lines of, "Don't compare yourself to others because it's like comparing their final cut to your behind the scenes footage." Not sure who said it, but I believe it to be true. However it...
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I love everything I'm hearing about my friend and colleague expat-repat writing coach and Thirsty author Kristin Bair O'Keeffe's monthly 38Write series of three-day global writing workshops. I especially admire her cutting-edge use of Twitter and Pinterest to create a real-time, web-based...
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Waging Heavy Peace, by Neil Young  image via neilyoungnews.thrasherswheat.org Neil and I go back a  long way. Not that we're pals, you understand, or musician-comrades. Part of the phenomenon of ‘sixties/‘seventies rock and folk music was that these musicians wrote songs that we could...
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My Huffpost piece, published today, on chef Mike Campbell.
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When I write, I normally know what genre I am writing in. That is, until I wrote my most current release DIRT.  It didn't seem to fall within the usual genre's. It isn't a thriller, a sexy romance, or even mainstream drama. It doesn't have werewolves or vampires, not even a glint of...