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The great Ray Charles and the great Ahmet Ertegun.(Reuters photo by  Fred Prouser) “God has wrought many things out of oppression. He has endowed his creatures with the capacity to create—and from this capacity has flowed the sweet songs of sorrow and joy that have allowed man to cope with...
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Self-photographed portrait of Dublin-based artist Jaanika Talts.   Consider Jaanika Talts of Dublin, Ireland, one of those contemporary visual artists empowered by an instinct for classic literary style. As she puts it, “I mostly paint when I feel like I need to write a book (and it...
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American troops in Iraq quietly observing the holiday spirit prior to the Iraq War's end. (Reuters photo by Saad Shalash) Why do you think certain creative works make such a powerful and lasting impact on a wide range of people? By way of example, consider the very edgy TV drama series...
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         “What hits you affects you and wakes you up more than what pleases you.”                                        --Michel de Montaigne, On the Art of Conversation I...
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Photo of artwork by Luther E. Vann with image and bio of artist in the center. (courtesy of Luther E. Vann) The “Songs of My People” art exhibition, featuring fifteen new works by Savannah and New York artist Luther E. Vann, celebrated co-creator of the landmark art and poetry book ELEMENTAL, The...