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You'd be cryptic too if you were uprooted wherever you went. You can't blame your ancestors for keeping quiet about their Hebrew origins, they wanted to live. And so today, we live, because our ancestors said "enough already" and were eventually convinced into joining the Christian belief system....
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I’m a little shy about telling people that my novels are about medieval Jews who pretend to be Christians so they won’t be persecuted. When I tell friends they usually give me a blank look or a polite, “Oh, uh huh.” One has to wonder why a Christian girl would become so engrossed in the topic that...
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You could be. It’s possible that your ancestors were Jewish and they did their best to conceal it. Throughout history, Jews have hidden and cut their ties to avoid persecution. There are many clues to decipher before uncovering family secrets and organizations dedicated to helping one find their...
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I am not Jewish and was shocked to discover that my ancestors were. They were some of the first American colonists who settled in New Amsterdam and the forebears of many prominent and sometimes famous families. Like thousands of other Jews they fled European persecution often going through France,...
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Unfortunately when families change religions and surnames to fit within their new surroundings, descendents are left without much heritage. There are plenty of resources to avail oneself and explore their “maybe” Jewish roots and it is quite fulfilling.   Suellen Ocean is the author of Secret...