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Gratis That last breathYou took,And this one,That one!That snorty breath!You were tryingNot to laugh.God, you makeMe cry The good tears. PAD prompt
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Though it is true I am writing an historic trilogy where the fist novel is called Cry me No Tears, I do not anticipate it will bring tears to your eyes. Well ... maybe where the horse has to be put down, but other than that... [DE] * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   Books That Made Us...
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In my pocket   “Whole world is in my pocket” someone exclaimed Happiness expressed openly and joyfully claimed  And why not a person should feel happy and rejoice? As there has been indication with clear choice   I may be female but swim in water like whale I have no limitation to...
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As we approach the end of 2010; I reflect on all my achievements and smile broadly.  Some goals were achieved sooner rather than later and others have been postponed slightly.  But nonetheless, goals have been achieved and I am extremely proud of said achievements. Going forward, the obvious thing...
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Shadows and more shadows, ghost from the past that haunt me day and night. Like a forgotten fountain in a valley beyond redemption I have again been abandoned and left for dead. There are no answers. My ways are tried, tested and fail before my eyes because they do not meet any rules.  My...
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I asked my Facebook readers if they like books and movies that make them cry. I found the answers fascinating because there were so many different takes on the subject. Some people feel manipulated by a writer if they’re moved to tears. Others like a little tear-jerkiness as long as they don’t feel...
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The sky is weeping as I cried For the lost heart of the innocent child, Cry on my shoulder, heavens, I've seen it all, Children now run before they crawl.