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Cruising is a great way to see the beautiful Mediterranean and coastal life in Italy.  However, many cruisers are surprised that their ports of call are so far from the major cities they want to visit (Rome and Florence particularly).  Additionally, many travelers want to avoid the prepackaged...
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Thanks for joining me for Cruise Week!  We launched with some tips for Before You Set Sail.  And so far we've made stops in Venice, Naples, Rome, and today... Florence. From Livorno you have two obvious choices:  Florence and Pisa.  I recommend Florence.  Florence is a wonderful city, and this...
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It's Cruise Week!  So far this week we've docked in Venice and Naples.  And check out the Before You Sail tips, too! It's hard to say what to do with just one day in Rome.  There is so much to see!  However, it is relatively easy to get from the cruise ship port to Rome -- a journey of less than...
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This week is Cruise Week!  So far we've done: Tips Before Sailing and insights into Venice.  Today:  Naples. When I was in first grade my mom took me to an amazing exhibit about Pompeii.  That experience is still engraved in my mind.  It totally shaped me.  So, my choice for one day in Naples is...
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It's Italy Cruise Week!  Yesterday:  tips for before you set sail.  Today we disembark in Venice, Italy's watery wonderland. Most of the millions of tourists who visit Venice do so for less than 12 hours and are there on a cruise ship.  Sadly, some of those visitors come away having had a...
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Today on my home blog: A few weeks ago I was approached by a friend who is headed to Italy for the first time.  She and her family (including four children under 12) will be cruising the Mediterranean, and she wanted to know what I recommend with only one day in each of her Italian ports of call. ...