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I joined my first critique group for writers when I lived in Chicago in the 1970s and 1980s.  I had met the other members of my group when we all co-edited the literary journal _Primavera_.  We did not have time during our editorial staff meetings to discuss one another's creative writing.  So five...
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    The next book on my agenda is "The Day of the Triffids" by John Wyndam - an awesome read.  Classic Science Fiction - no talking swords or cats or humans turned into talking plants.  In the novel, the world as we know it is over.  The planet has been destroyed by Triffids, long stocky...
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Well, maybe instant coffee isn't worth much (what's with that aftertaste anyway), but an unsparing critique is invaluable. First, let's define "ruthless." For our purposes, it means momentarily putting pity aside to be honest, incisive, direct. But since text without context is pretext,...
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Someone sent me this by e-mail, and I just had to post it. Have a wonderful day, everybody.  A young couple moves into a new neighborhood. The first morning in the new house, while she is eating breakfast with her husband, the young woman watches her neighbor hang the laundry outside to dry. ...
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I figured the title would attract some attention. But this isn’t about sports, this is about breasts. Her name is Sheyla. She holds the record for the world’s biggest breasts. It was a determined goal. She didn’t go to M cup right away. She had multiple surgeries (32). She had the last one in...
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It is not enough to be politely battered by agents who are excited by the pitch but not enthusiastic enough about a book to want to represent it or by publishers who either pointedly or casually ignore carefully crafted proposal packages. No, there must be critics who have never published a book or...
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Are you a writer? Are the critics getting you down (everything from your best friend to your critique group to that damn reviewer at Time Magazine)? Check out:  www.catherineryanhyde.com then "Blog" then "For Writers"
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The hardest part of writing is giving up your project to an editor, but dealing with criticism from novice writers whose manuscripts and abilities are different and their experience theoretical. At face value, there is a mean-spiritedness that comes with the criticism that is palpable, especially...
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Getting and giving critiques is probably the hardest part of writing, not just because criticism is involved, and no one likes to be criticized, but because it places a value judgment on the giver and the receiver. Some people have no problem with this and other, well, it's like a slap in the face...
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  I think part of the problem with modern “criticism” is that much of it isn’t really criticism, not in the traditional sense. There are few critics today like T.S. Eliot (not going back too far), who wrote about poetry from the standpoint of a core philosophy he had engineered. I don’t...