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Louder Than A Bomb is the name of a scholastic slam poetry competition in Chicago. It’s also the title of a new movie from Greg Jacobs and Jon Siskel, a documentary focusing on teens from four different high schools as they prepare for the annual competition. The strategy of filming the run up to...
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Game of Thrones: The King's Road was on last night and I was not disappointed at all; I was intrigued. Daenerys Targaryen turned out to be a bit of a surprise. From frightened almost rape victim to woman in charge was a quick turnover and I see echoes of dreams of dragons in her eyes. Bran who fell...
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How to Pick Yourself Back Up: On Critics (and Trolls) by Jennifer King Creativity is so delicate a flower that praise tends to make it bloom, while discouragement often nips it in the bud. Any of us will put out more and better...
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I am probably one of the last people to try to discourage a fellow writer from sharing his or her work with others.  After all, that's the nature of our work.  We express ourselves to be read and heard out by others.  However, I do offer some words of caution for writers who enter into this...
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A friend bought a novel of mine, which is a nice thing - always good to have friends support you in your creative endeavors. I never ask such things as, "Well did you like it?" because this is the surest way to get false praise. And I have had criticism of the book, to be sure, not the...
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There is a sad tragedy about the truth. We seldom delve into its depths.  We rarely regard such things with reverence.  Some would prefer to brush it off or downplay it altogether, but there is a sad but true tragedy that lingers beneath the truth and emerges every single time that the truth is...
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The litmus test for my marriage began on Monday when I printed out the first hard copy of my novel and passed it to my husband. He’s read my work before, and I am quite used to his “leave it or cleave it” honesty. Or, so I thought. Tuesday night, being sure to keep banging around in the kitchen so...
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Our last post had me offering to put your name and Bio and web link in a Special Listing in my forthcoming book. All it takes is getting the free copy of Notes from An Alien and giving some feedback. I need to quote part of C. M. Marcum’s comment on that post: “But we’re such good friends now. Why...
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How ‘Trouble’ with Writing Informs the Work
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This lead-in article links to a series of essays on the role of criticism in the art of creative writing. There's a lot to read here, but it's extremely worthwhile to ponder if you're a writer, a blogger on books, or a newspaper book reviewer, or simply interested in literature. Much of what's said...