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Long Island, New York, Islip Airport, October 16, 2001, 35-days after the World Trade Center attack Airport security is intense. Two of Nassau County’s finest stand on the curb with a sign bearing my name. I approach the officers and manage a smile. They reciprocate. The deputies whisk me off to...
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  When the subject of missing persons comes up, people usually respond by saying ‘what a horrible thing it is, it must be tough going through something like that, I feel sorry for the family’. Those types of things are usually characterized by most of us as things that happen to other people...
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The Hampshire Police Fire Investigations Officer DC Terry Fitzjohn and Watch Manager Andy Earl of the Arson Task Force will be appearing at CSI Portsmouth 2012 on the morning panel along with Crime Scene Manager Carolyn Lovell from Hampshire Police and crime authors, Matt Hilton and Stephen Booth...
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Five internationally acclaimed best selling crime authors are booked to appear at this year’s CSI Portsmouth in November as part of Portsmouth BookFest.Taking part in the third CSI Portsmouth event are top crime authors Stephen Booth, Ann Cleeves, Roger Ellory, Matt Hilton and Pauline Rowson...
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Building his cabin near the Clearwater River in Idaho, Travis Mays hoped for solitude, peace…renewal. A cleansing of his soul. Yeah, right. And just how does an ex-cop wash the darkness from his past when he holds himself responsible for the brutal death of the woman he loved? He doesn’t. Not...
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Unfortunately owing to personal circumstances Dr Neil McCaw whose talk was to be on Victorian Crime Fiction at CSI Portsmouth on Saturday 5 November has had to withdraw from the programme. I will be stepping in to take his place in addition to being on the panel event in the afternoon.  I...