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creativity and suffering | creativity and suffering

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Rather than primarily presenting my views in this blog, I am seeking them on several issues below affecting the life and work of an artist: 1.  There's a long-standing image (stereotype?) of the reclusive artist who sacrificially foregoes the usual  pleasures and activities of daily...
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Here's the question: Why should freelance writers be paid so much less than, say, entry-level workers? Example: I was recently offered an online writing job (presumably ongoing) that would be laughable if it were not so insulting, and it is not the first. Now I realize these people are merely...
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Yesterday, sitting down and typing away, preparing for a talk I'll be giving later this month at a conference exploring the subject of "Creativity and Madness," I was giving some thought to my moments of extremity as an artist--for example, my apparent inability to get through...