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It's not about the money, it really isn't. I want readers, millions of them. I don't care if they read my books without paying for them, I don't care if they purchase a secondhand copy for which I will receive not one thin dime. As long as people are reading my novels and stories. That feeling......
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Over the past few days I've been reading about the controversy surrounding the cover art for the American edition of Charles Stross' new novel, Saturn's Children. Stross is not happy with the cyber bimbo sprawled across the Yank version and after having a look at it and comparing it to the U.K....
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I would far prefer to live with people who are open, naive and humble than people who are proud, and worse yet, proud to be proud. When I say I am an author-publisher, and proud of it, I mean only that when I first published myself in 2003, I tried to hide it and succeeded well enough that some...