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  Ever since I got the rights back to my first hard cover book, When Dan­ger Calls, I’ve embraced indie pub­lish­ing. Given that I came into writ­ing well into the dig­i­tal age, I’d always cre­ated my man­u­scripts on the com­puter, and had to learn...
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I'm continuing my "All About Characters" seminar at Coffee Time Romance with a discussion of the various types of characters today: Stars, Supporting Cast, Extras, Walk-ons and Spear Carriers. Please drop by. But don't forget to come back. The big switch in publishing is into digital formats...
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This is a cross-post from James Altucher‘s blog Altucher Confidential. His previous appearances on the Freakonomics blog can be found here. via www.freakonomics.com And while we're on the subject of writing and publishing, this post from The Millions may instruct and perhaps hearten writers of...