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I hope to be writing more on Malala Yousafzai soon but being pressed for time I have to take whatever opportunity is afforded at the moment. First, I have to wonder how many people worldwide realize the importance of this -- woman? -- I hate to say child. I know she has spoken at the U.N. and won...
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I just spent most of a week with two Bangladesh families -- the Chaudhurys of Gulab Ganga, a small village, and the Babas of Firingi Para, more of a city. The customs of neither of these places would suit an average person born to American life. Whether New York born or a dweller of the most...
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         Simone de Beauvoir and Simone Signoret: my wife and I named our daughter after these two courageous women who were such a major part of the intellectual, artistic, and political life of twentieth century Europe and the world.  An important...
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I tell a story in my book, How to Play the Harmonica and Other Life Lessons, about a summer when I was seven years old and I walked out to the end of the dock at Camp Sharparoon in upstate New York and informed the lifeguard that I wanted to take the advanced swimming test. I was no more an...
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September 15     Warhol Wouldn’t Be   There is no trick to art.  If I work to make my pieces fit with the familiar I lose my individuality.  If I make what is truly me I fear there is no line in which to stand.  I must make the work, find the market, live life and die...
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My oldest brother, Rick is  a second generation fire fighter and currently the Fire Chief of South Walton County, Florida. Rick gave this talk yesterday as part of a 9/11 remembrance.  It was so powerful and moving, I asked if I could share it with you.   This morning I had the...
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To celebrate my memoir's third birthday, I've posted new insights. https://www.smashwords.com/interview/CA3LC  
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September 2     Here Kitty Kitty   Litter training the lynx seems like a good idea until it is accomplished and all concerned are less for the accomplishment.  Domesticity is a transparent cage, which has a presence felt by all whether loved or hated.  The air is changed...
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September 1     Shadow of Doubt   The long dark cast covers my face, my thoughts, my life; it is the light blocked by my skepticism.  To tear down the obstruction means a profound change of my internal architecture; walls will have to be knocked down, windows installed. ...