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I’ve been forced to slow down. A stomach virus decided I was going too fast. I’m not certain who gave it a vote, frankly, but it was more of a coup than an election. The new regime decides I should sleep – interspersed with moaning now and then. The new rules require me to spend hours staring out...
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This past Wednesday was the anniversary of the death of Pablo Neruda, September 23, 1973.  Acknowledging his passing, crowding the streets with countless spontaneous funerals became the first public acts of defiance against the murderous Pinochet regime.  Many of Neruda's friends, including the...
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I received the following and I post it here.  From: Global Women's Strike/SF Bay Area [mailto:sf@crossroadswomen.net] Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 9:56 AMTo: Mattei, UgoSubject: ALERT: EMERGENCY SITUATION IN HONDURAS: ACT NOW  Dear sisters and brothers, The democratically elected president...