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11.11.11. It adds up to six. Six flanked by two sixes is the devil’s number. I have never called. Will he answer? Or, she? I like numbers. I walk with numbers on my palms. My fingers are numbers, and so are my toes. I can count my eyelashes, especially when they are wet with unrealised dreams, and...
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All tired out from errands and appointments, I drove in silence, thinking about the minutiae of the day.  I let my car find its own way.  With very little guidance, she rolled placidly to the sea and parked neatly parallel to the shoreline fence, facing south.  I turned the key off, set the brake,...
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If your life is on the line, that’s a bad thing. But what if that line were the horizon? Then it wouldn’t be a negative idea at all: 生涯 (shōgai: one’s lifetime)     life + horizon Your lifetime stretches out over the horizon of your life! Sample Sentence with 生涯 … It’s that time of the year when I...