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  Many of us have viewed the same photo over and over. The burned out shell of a 777 airliner who apparently made a serious error in judgment crashing its tail into the seawall on final approach into San Francisco just a few days ago. For the families of those that perished, the total...
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  I got divorced 5 years ago—a bit of a surprise divorce situation—and worked my tail off to graduate with a Master of Arts in Teaching last June, just in time to join the thousands of other unemployed new teachers.  I’ve been wondering all along—in the course of the last five years--how...
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I attended an Empowering Parents Workshop at West High where the topic centered on how to navigate our children towards college. During this nearly 2 hour session, what struck a chord with me were a few facts: 70% of the seniors who graduate will not be eligible to enter a 4 year college because...