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  The autumn months bring with them the excitement of fall festivals and holiday seasons. For most children, and some adults, Halloween can be one of the most exciting nights of the year! Yet, amidst the thrills of dressing up and the unquestionable sugar rush that will soon follow at...
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October 31     Halloween   “Why does self-centered fear wear a costume that looks so much like ‘other people’s opinion’?” I asked my sponsor. “For the same reason that booze masquerades as ‘a good time.’  How would you ever fall into a pit which used no pretense?  Naked...
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I've been listening to the sound track from Burlesque. It's one of my favorite movies. It's has everything I love most -- music, dancing, and lovely costumes. I've always enjoyed Cher's music, back when she wore her own nose and her own body. That was in the dark ages when she was half of Sonny...
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     Today was the last class for Dreamworks, a workshop I teach on writing from dreams.  Have taught this since 1985.  There tends to be more emotion that in "regular" writing workshops.  The material is less analytical or purely intellectual, more imaginative...
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  This past weekend was Animefest! It was totally fun and I got a bunch of awesome costume pics to share. (Way too much to do in way too little time is why I had to skip the usual Sunday and Monday posts. Wah!)     I loved that he was able to get the two swans for the backside...
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Today's posting is my fantasy book tab. Although The House in Windward Leaves starts out on Halloween night, it's about identity.  First written as a short story for a Halloween storytelling at The Loft literary center, most of the book takes place on a star where costumes make the...
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Dogs cared for throughout their early years live longer than ever before. It’s not unusual for Toy-breed dogs to live into their mid-to-late teens and even big dogs today enjoy a decade or more of happy life with a loving owner. A longer life, though, can leave your dog befuddled when canine...
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This fall weather and the short October days reminds me that Halloween is coming. I remember how exciting it was to see the simple decorations appear - at home and at school. The long walk from school gave us time to discuss costumes. The possibilities seemed endless: a simple store bought mask,...
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Hurray for me! One must always maintain the proper level of humility when faced with great success.
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I've decided to start a blog to document a bit of my mischief here at Red Room, so that perhaps someone might appreciate it. For some reason someone assigned me the job of staff photographer for Halloween, even though the camera's twice my size.  Whose idea was that? Without much further ado, (...