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Written in Ruberah is about a woman who feels hard-wired to be with the man she loves but who cannot realize that love because of a debt she bears from a previous life in ancient Ruberah. I wanted to set a novel in Cornwall, UK, where I grew up. I felt the lush countryside, the moors, and the...
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  You probably had a favorite legend as a child. The heroes and heroines of legends blend seamlessly with the supernatural, a jump made easily by the very young. Legends vary in structure, but most often the hero is called to adventure but resists until a supernatural power visits him and...
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“Greenaway juggles the many strands of her lushly descriptive book with ease, managing to bring all these characters, from all their separate time periods, together in a rousing climax that invests just as much energy in high fantasy as modern romance, with winning results. The richly imagined...
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This was our 5th voyage on a Princess ship over the past 10 years. We checked into our suite and drank some champagne out on the deck. The George Vancouver Suite was very roomy, it even included a huge bathtub and two rooms and the deck was huge. We knew this was going to a great trip. We normally...
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I’ve just returned from giving two talks in Cornwall where the sun was shining, the sea was blue and the crowds were flocking to St Ives, which was my first port of call on Tuesday morning at 11am.  I met some delightful people as always and my heartfelt thanks to them for listening to me talking...