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      The cold water beaded up and rolled down the sides of the shiny irrigation pipe making it difficult, but fun, for my brother and I to walk on. On one side, the dirt had been heated by the summer sun until it was an unbearable temperature--even for feet toughened by weeks...
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John Wayne airport temperature read 85 degrees when my husband and I boarded the plane, arriving in Minneapolis three and a half hour later to a cold 42. We chose this week to visit family, and also view the Fall colors. But, to our dismay, the colors peeked the week before, and so did their 65...
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It was announced Feb. 14th, 2011 that due to the huge demand for corn, food prices will take a large increase. From the price of beef to soft drinks, margarine to breakfast cereals, this increase will have an impact on every consumer: In their pocket book. The U.S. Department of Agriculture warned...
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Nothing in my childhood home resembled what I saw in my friends' houses.  My parents swam naked.  My father threw pots on a kick wheel.  My brother rarely bathed and hung out in a giant eucalyptus tree in the backyard.  My sister liked to walk up and down the stairs on her hands.  And the pet...
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It has taken the Japanese to make me love corn.....   readmore
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Chicago passed the nation's first green food resolution last Tuesday according to earthascope.com. The resolution encourages healthier eating for Chicago's people. Great news, and smaller areas like my town might follow.  All of this news made me think of corn syrup. The Corn Refiners Association...
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I always boiled my corn. Removing the husks and silk then dropping them into boiling salted water, before draining and slathering with butter, adding nothing more than sea salt and freshly ground pepper. The pepper surprised my husband who, until he met me, only added salt. Then, like many who read...
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My three-week search for a rubber chicken for VBS has been successful. Brianna told me Sunday afternoon that Fifi has a rubber chicken. I called Mary Ellen the next day to double check and told her to ask Fifi if I could borrow it. Everyone agreed Fifi said yes. Brianna said Fifi didn’t like the...