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Rather than listening to the endless streams of sports radio I listen to each and every day this morning I decided to watch a TV program and all I need to say is;   Vegas Baby!   The cast of this particular program decided to head to Vegas for a birthday party and they unknowingly let...
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On this week’s edition of This Week in Tennis Phil is joined by tennis professional Samuel Chadwell. Please join them as they discuss the USTA’s controversial new program called “Quickstart” followed by tips and ideas on how to teach the under 10′s who stroll into your club from their first lesson...
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It’s a so so day here in beautiful Corfu Greece. The weather is so so and so am I. I caught a bit of a cold. That's what happens when you spend an hour or so standing in the rain at 3am waiting for incompetent people to show up to do their jobs.   1). It looks as though two people hit the...