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  The sun shone all day long and the thermometer said 70 degrees today in beautiful Corfu Greece. It’s actually been like this the past two days and tomorrow looks just as promising. Whoever said that weather affects ones mood sure did hit the nail on the head because I feel great today!...
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    It's raining like cats and dogs here on the Island of Corfu. It’s a dark dreary and miserable when it rains here and it's not going to stop for a few more days. The weather is too miserable outside to concentrate so I'll just plop a few thoughts down and go watch some hoops. 1). My...
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On this December day my mind strays back, back to Corfu, hard to believe that only three months ago I was lying there, baked in heat.  Today in my kitchen I am escaping to where I sat outside on a small patio;  It is early morning time and the voice of the sea is a gentle voice, a soft, tender...