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I thought fellow writers would enjoy a sentence I came across in my copy editing work recently: "Recovery time varies but is approximately about one week." I bow down in awe of the inefficiency. I enjoyed this so much I was almost reluctant to change it. On the other hand, razing it was...
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"Admission is $17 for adults, $10 for children 5 to 12. One child per adult under 5 is complimentary."
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This is a continuation of our interview with Alan Rinzler. Two weeks ago, we discussed his legendary life as an editor and publisher over the last 45 years. Alan continues to be a freelance developmental editor, one of the best.  Since I often tell people that they need a freelance editor, I...
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If anyone out there needs editing done, I can help! I am a professional freelance book editor and a published author with over twenty years of writing and editing under my belt. I do everything from basic proofreading to very "deep" comprehensive editing with commentary, feedback,...
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Mary Norris started working at The New Yorker  thirty-one years ago, in the editorial library, moving on to the collating department and the copy desk. Since 1993, she has been a page O.K.'er, or query proofreader.  She has written for The Talk of the Town and contributes to the New Yorker books...
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  Copy editing somewhat-green writers is starting to affect me. On several occasions lately I have found myself mentally editing the sentences of someone talking on TV or radio. Not a good sign. That may be why I found this sentence in today's New York Times so striking. Then again, maybe the...
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It's as enticing as the caramel topping on a candied apple. (changed to) It's as enticing as a caramel apple. * * * * Autumn is a great time to enjoy the region's ambient weather. (changed to) Autumn is a great time to enjoy the region's weather.
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I changed: "As of now, the program is slated to continue till Dec. 1" to: "The program is slated to continue till Dec. 1." "As of now" crops up in my own speech and writing. But I never realized today how detestable it is, at least in journalistic writing. (It's...
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run-on sentence = 373,000 hits misplaced modifier = 40,100 hits I don't believe in run-on sentences. My working theory is that they're bogeymen invented by professional writers in order to scare the crap out of aspiring writers, divert newbies' attention from more important issues like misplaced...
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  The Washington Post had a good piece a few days ago about an increasing number of typos in their paper -- a trend that corresponds with a decrease in the number of copy editors there. The article cites a decade-old study that emphasizes how messy copy can hurt a newspaper's bottom line (that...