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“Naturally he is a failed writer.”––Roberto Bolaño “Henri Simon Leprince”   Maybe I didn’t get held enough as a child, but every rejection my writing receives generates depths of unpleasant emotion: anger; embarrassment; shame. I become bereft in an entirely childish way. It starts with a pain...
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It took seven and a half years of full-time effort to get my first yes.  I went through an especially tough time about four years into it.  A really, really bad time.  A sort of, "Am I really going to keep doing this?" kind of bad time.  And for a gal who never wanted to do...
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I began my full-time pursuit of publication in the spring of ’01, just after receiving my master’s.  I was convinced I’d get published quickly…I’d already placed short fiction, poetry, and literary critique in a few journals while I was still a student, I’d consistently been referred to as one...
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I have been a sales person most of my life.  In order to take any product idea from the mind to the marketplace - it was my chosen mission to tell my story and show my product idea whenever, and wherever I could. This involved exposing myself to the world - which, in turn, resulted, often than...
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Yesterday's writing day just wouldn't get started.  The Writer kept turning it over until the battery said, "Enough," and left him with a still writing motor.   The Writer was upset but I had to handle it like any sort of breakdown.  Why was it broken?  How do I fix it and get...