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Have you heard of Indie GoGo or the concept of collective fundraising? With a few clicks, folks can contribute a very small amount of money, say the cost of a latte, to accomplish a much larger goal, say sending a Cool Jew to Hungary. Wanna take part? We've got 10 days to make it happen! Here's...
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When my first book came out, I turned into a bit of a diva. I didn't expect it to happen. I totally wasn't diva material. It was like becoming a werewolf: one second you forgot to shave, the next you're outside, naked, howling at the moon. For me, it was more like howling at everyone who picked up...
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A Taste Of Jewlicious On Oprah Radio If you’ve never listened to XM/Sirius Radio, you can get a free trial here. Why would you bother? Because they have awesome programming, including a certain segment tomorrow you may find worth your time. It’s a conversation between a poet...
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Cool Jew Papa’s Day Giveaway Only three days left to enter! Seven Mensches and two Mamalahs — including Sam Apple, author of American Parent, Matthue Roth, author of Losers, and me, Lisa Alcalay Klug, author of Cool Jew–-have contributed over $240 worth of gifts to giveaway to one lucky guy. Enter...
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June Cool Jew Newsletter Dear Friends, Heebsters and Honoraries: It's been a phenomenal year with lots of amazing Cool Jew News. Last summer's sneak previews segued beautifully into my massive fall tour, which stormed on into winter and unexpectedly avalanched right on into spring! After nine...
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Today, Cool Jew took this ranking on Amazon's bestseller's lists: #7 in Books > Entertainment > Humor > Religion#99 in Books > Entertainment > Humor > Satire, General This means, Cool Jew has been appearing on this bestsellers list consistently for nearly 9 months, since it's...
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Top Ten In the pre-Passover blur, Cool Jew is once again on the Amazon's bestseller list: #6 in Books > Entertainment > Humor > Religion.
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My latest Heebster creation, a Cool Jew-inspired "seder plate" is on display at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Read all about it in the San Francisco Chronicle! Artists reflect on the seder plateLaura Thomas, Chronicle Staff WriterSunday, April 5, 2009 When asked to reflect on Passover...
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Congratulations to the winner of Modern Tribe and Cool Jew’s Hip Hop Seder Box rockin’ Passover Giveaway, Maya Grushansky of Los Angeles. The Hip Hop Seder Box features * Cool Jew * Moses Action Figure * So Called Seder Hip Hop Hagaddah CD * Zelda’s Marshmallow Kosher...
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Today, Cool Jew is No. 5 on Amazon's bestseller list for Humor/Religion titles. Mazal tov all around!