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I am angry. I recently read the following report in an online newsletter called “The Conversation” http://theconversation.com/philippines-webcam-child-abuse-arrests-come-after-decades-of-exploitation-and-inequality-22128. It details the Philippines webcam child abuse arrests that came after decades...
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We ask ourselves how it could be that approximately half of America agrees it's a fine idea to cut education so we can further pare the taxes of super wealthy greed-heads who don’t need our assistance. Obviously most supporters of this daffy notion are nowhere close to being super wealthy...
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That Barack Obama invoked Gandhi’s name reveals delicious irony as it posits morality with “unlimited sex”, in Rush Limbaugh’s immortal words. I’d like to draw your attention not to the moral versus the amoral, but to the two moral paradigms here. While Limbaugh can be taken to the laundry...
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Politics, sex, and religion: is there a more potentially energizing debate-mix anywhere? Case in point: the ongoing, unresolved controversy over new Health & Human Services "health" regulations requiring religious institutions to (WARNING: Opinion coming HERE) violate their core principles...
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As the world population approaches 7 billion this year voluntary access to contraception and reproductive health services should not be withheld from women who want and need them. Heather Brittany discusses the importance of Congress’s need to focus on developing a responsible spending plan for the...