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What with all the talk out there about the publishing industry being turned upside down (literally - new writers must have a platform, i.e., a ready-built audience, in order to attract the pub biz, no matter how good the writing and storyline), writers must have a business plan in tandem with the...
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Thanks to my lovely editor, Caitlin Alexander, the fed ex truck rolled up my street yesterday with my first finished copy of The Four Ms. Bradwells! It's still almost four weeks until you'll be able to see it yourselves in bookstores, but I can tell you it's just beautiful! This big smile - taken...
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The winner of Monday's Contest, selected from combined comments here and at Terry's Place, is Kathleen O'Brien. She wins a copy of Romancing the Geek.
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I confess I really like watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, especially the little animated dust mops. But there's something more to it than just watching dogs. Kind of like publishing, right? Sure. Dogs and books. Obviously connected, right? What we see on television are the final...
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Only a day apart, the UPS man delivered the eight books I'm supposed to judge for the Romance Writers of America RITA contest, and the ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) of WHERE DANGER HIDES. I've got a lot of reading to do. I'm a first round judge. While it's required that I read the entire book,...
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I'm buying 10 Kindle downloads of Darcia Helle's book The Cutting Edge for 10 of my blog followers (new or old) in a random giveaway, if anyone is interested in entering. My contest will run through Dec. 16 at midnight EST. Winners will be announced on Friday, December 17 and will receive their...
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I am participating in a Gratitude Giveaway Blog Hop to thank new and established blog followers. I am giving away a spiral bound early readers copy of my upcoming January 1st mystery novel release Sink or Swim, about a personal trainer who is stalked after appearing on a reality TV show. I am also...
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Winning is a on again and off again thing.  This past year, I challenged myself to live outside of my comfort zone as I counted down to my fiftieth birthday.  As a high school friend so aptly described me, I’m a driven introvert.  Meeting a self-imposed deadline? No problem.  But putting myself out...
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Writer for yourself. I hate that phrase. If i wanted to communicate to myself, I'd talk to myself. It's a lot easier. I write because I want people to read my work. I write to entertain and inform. I love being read. To me, then, the purpose of winning prizes is to get more people to read me! I've...
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Anyone who stops by http://bit.ly/9n7rDt between Oct. 9 and Oct. 13 at midnight and leaves a comment to the post titled "Happy Columbus Day Weekend! Celebrating Patriotic Children's Book Release With $50 CSN Stores Giveaway" will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 gift certificate...