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That's right, 1,000 people around the world said yes to free access to my self-paced training to achieve your potential online. Perfect for writers building their platform (in fact, the program is based on the author platform concept, and is customized for content creators like you.) Were you one...
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  We're born content producers. The more prolific among us are literally volcanoes of content. Yet, what you’ve generated probably isn’t working for you. It’s probably not laid out as a path where you want to go, nor presented as an invitation to other like-minded souls and interested...
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We've all felt our hands tied by convention, our ambitions clipped by risks known and unknown. I bet you don't have to be in the legal profession to see how many of the below issues relate to your own situation. This weekend at the San Francisco Bar Association, I spoke at an innovative new...
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(Originally posted at Pages to type before I sleep... ) Imagine for a moment you have the next great idea. The perfect mousetrap or... whatever. In your excitement you get on the phone and tell your friend about it. The next day your patent request comes back denied. Why? Because the phone company...