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For anyone who's interested in hearing more about Buried Threads and Kaylin McFarren's creative process, please take a few moments to listen to Inside Scoop…a fun and informative radio interview. http://insidescooplive.com/kaylinmcfarrenburiedthreads
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    Meg was pacing in front of the theater, her stride long and impatient. As soon as she saw Irene, she yanked one of the house doors open. “I’m glad you’re here. For a while, I was afraid you wouldn’t make it.”  She waited for Irene to enter, then dodged ahead to the stage...
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Following the release of Severed Threads, I’m happy to report two upcoming additions in the Threads series:   Book 2 – Buried Threads:   With news of their successful venture spreading, Rachel Lyons and her deep-sea diving crew accept an international contract involving a lost sacred...
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"What kind of sick man puts a tracking chip in his own wife's arm?  Warren is crazier than I thought, Caroline."  - Jack http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5aBtDzYLL4   Sealed In Lies www.kellyabellbooks.com
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It's finally here! STRONGER THAN SIN has hit bookshelves and is available online at various vendors. Join me for the rest of this month and all of November as I celebrate the release of STRONGER THAN SIN with some very special contests and an assortment of giveaways! But first, take a moment to...