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In this fabulous Kindle Countdown Deal, second editions of HOODOO MONEY (The Stolen Nickel Series, Book 1) and MANGROVES AND MONSTERS (Book 2) are available via Amazon for 99-cents, 72 hours only, 1/26/2014, starting at 8:00 am PST.  http://www.amazon.com/Hoodoo-Stolen-Nickel-Series-ebook...
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HOODOO MONEY (The Stolen Nickel Series, Book 1) & MANGROVES AND MONSTERS (Book 2) are available in Kindle editions via Amazon for 99₵ each 72 hours only on January 26, 2014 starting at 8:00am PST.      Would love to see you there!
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 Life can change in the blink of an eye . . . One isn’t meant to know the day or the hour, the very moment change will come. That answer is fate’s cruel secret. Or, is it fate’s sublime intervention?  So starts Aaron Paul Lazar’s contemporary romance, THE SEACREST (ISBN13: 978-1493548675...
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We’re talking to authors from all walks of life about their experiences in publishing their book.  Some have smooth paths, some rocky, but they all share a common goal – to see their name on the cover of their creation.  It’s interesting to read what path they decided to take to get there...
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Some friends are as close as sisters. Others closer. Like melt on ice, or your first gasp of breath rising up from a river baptism. Carolina Slade, federal agriculture investigator, considers Savannah Conroy such a friend -- and Savvy’s in trouble. Falsified signatures on a six-figure farm...
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This isn't my blog, but one created by writer Sandra Nachlinger. Today, she is featuring my new novel, Confessions of a Predatory Lender, for Teaser Tuesday. Please take a look. http://iousex.blogspot.com/2013/01/teaser-tuesday-confessions-of-predatory.html And, as long as we're teasing, let...
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"At times we come across work by an author unknown to us and the impact is so intense that it leaves us wondering why this is a first encounter. Terence Clarke is that sort of writer. Look up information about him and as important as he is there is not a lot written about him. Where was he born...
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Paco Pineiro : Life, Love & Terrorism Life, Love & Terrorism This is a story of and for our present time, straight out of our evening newscasts. Its the story of an otherwise successful American man in his thirties, struggling to recover from a painful breakup with the woman of his...
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It has been a busy morning. Up at 3 a.m. and decided to finish the Halloween sampler I've been working on for 3 weeks, and I did finish. It's quite lovely and unusual, especially since I don't usually do samplers. This one was special. This morning marks the 1st of 5 days that Among Women by me...
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I've got a giveaway starting on Goodreads on August 12th for Shadows and Ghosts... More here