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"Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone!" sing two Iranian-born brothers. Their band is named Blurred Vision. They have been living in exile, we are told. The word exile is used quite randomly these days. Were they shunted out because they were protesting or did they leave because they...
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It has been almost two years since I bought this sleek thing. I should have been up there, chalking up 12.3 sex partners. Clearly, my iPhone has a problem. It ain’t me, babe. In what has been described as an unscientific but fun study, it was claimed that iPhone users have more fun than other...
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People who would have shirked, if not abused, eunuchs are now sponsoring them. 18 eunuchs have been working at getting the look right – make-up, ramp walking, draping designer wear, perfecting the pout for photo-shoots. In Mumbai tomorrow the 21st, there is a beauty pageant to select the winner....
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I posted an opinion article I wrote for my college newspaper on consumerism and hypocrisy among campus activists. http://www.redroom.com/articlestory/on-pseudo-activist-hypocrisy
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I thought these long sessions, foreplay with words, the urgency to do something, shed inhibitions and garbs, the languorous moments with the seen and the unseen, as sentences were caressed and teased worked. Not anymore. Blogging is passé. Emails are...oh, no... A new study has found that brief is...
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  Shuffle,Shuffle,Slip,Pause,shuffle,rinse, repeat as necessary. This is how I made my way from the hotel down the alley way. It was only the third day of the year and there had already been a fairly decent snowfall. Snow, apparently , was never taught manners as a child. Of course if I hadn't been...
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“I survived by drinking Coca-Cola. I drank Coca-Cola every day, and I ate some little tiny things,” he said. Wismond Exantus’s tale of survival conveys a larger lesson about charity franchising. As someone who worked in the grocery store in Port-au-Prince, where he was found after 11 days, his...
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I can hear the drums. A bunch of young people will form a human pyramid and break a clay pot filled with curd and lots of money. Gods don’t come cheap anymore. The stakes are up. Because devotees are full of greed. Today is Janmashtmi, the birth of Lord Krishna. As a young boy he survived attempts...
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She exposed pink underwear worn under a short black leather kimono. Japan’s finalist for the Miss Universe, Emiri Miyasaka, caused a bit of a storm in the preliminaries. Is the reaction prudish? I think not. I am often amused by how these beauty pageant winners are termed ambassadors of nations....
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Consumerism, Financial Systems and the Future We are building towards a sustainable future that defines itself on one whole.  There are a lot of debates over the state of the economy at the moment, especially concerning the financial situation of the world at present.  People are focusing a lot on...