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Today’s guest on “A Book and a Chat” is John-Manuel Andriote,  he is an author, journalist and speaker focused on cultural trends, politics, health and medicine, LGBT issues, specializing in reporting on HIV/AIDS. John was working on his masters degree in journalism at university in 1985...
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The first time you read some statistics posted on the Internet, they seem fake from the get-go. Like this post that began making the rounds during the gun control debates:  More Americans have died just since 1960 from gun incidents — suicides, accidents, and homicides — than died in...
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 I agreed to be taken along for the ride and company to the Fallbrook Mall by Heather. I figured my holiday was over, so I felt no pressure at watching others beat each other up over trinkets. Was pleasantly surprised by just how well behaved all but one furious lady driver was as she backed...
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  I don't need a gun. I mean, it's not really a right I feel passionately about which sounds odd because I should feel passionately about all my rights.  Once one right is taken away, we are always told, that leads to a slippery slope and before we know it all rights are gone and it's a...
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It is nine days before Christmas. You wake up to see from your bed a gorgeous pink sky. You know it will rain today; your speech therapist Miss Neill used to say "Red Sky at Morning, Sailor warning. Red Sky at night, sailor delight." You get an invitation from an old friend inviting you to Chuck E...
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photo: cover of French version, second edition, from the book's Wikipedia page   Very effective book--about the French populace not recognizing the culpability of the French police being the Nazi's stooges in 1942--that would have been great without the emphasis on the present-day...
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I’m not sure I should even tackle this topic, lest it make me start crying. But somehow that makes me think it’s exactly what I should write about, because writing is about feeling. It’s my way of releasing the things that otherwise would gnaw at me and drive me crazy. In order to grow, I need to...
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Just a reminder that I'm giving a talk today in my old hometown of Canton, CT at the Canton Public Library at noon--if you're from (and are still living near) that neck of the woods, please stop by! Details are on my Schedule page. See you there! Greg
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Literary News and Views For those of you who live in the North East of the sometimes united states, you more than likely know about "THE BIG E" the festival held in Springfield MA, this year Sept. 18-Oct. 4. I am sure many people already visit this event (I've heard they get about 100,...
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 In Connecticut I wore the small masks when my allergies became particularly unbearable due to traffic and city pollution reaching our lovely little place of green in the valley between New York City and Boston.  My younger daughter, still small, didn't mind when I wore the mask, she just commented...