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As I sit soaking in the interior of the church structure, the stained glass windows that open to the outside air take my mind to magic places—the majestic mountain in sight; on the inside, high ceilings, pews, and people. The windows pull away from the church and float in space, grow wings and soar...
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I seem to be going through an awkward phase... Lately it seems that I have been confronted with more than my share of awkward situations. Last week, someone made a comment about my red hair ( I had just had the color refreshed.)The person said they had always liked red heads. I felt a bit squirmy....
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A true story for All Hallows' Eve, although it did not happen on Halloween.  I was visiting the Bay of Fundy island of Grand Manan. I had booked a room in a bed and breakfast and arrived mid-evening. I went elsewhere for a meal, but did meet the owners, and noted...