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“Write as it is given to you, and not till it be given to you, and never mind a whit.”  Thomas Carlyle, in a letter to Ralph Waldo Emerson.   The cast iron gates, pearl-finished by flurries, were flung wide. Behind me on Bedford Street, tires grumbled through the slush. I took one step...
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I know you were all dying to find out my top tips for the procrastinating writer. And here's the very first one: Get a time clock. One of those cool old time clocks they’d use in factories that gave a satisfying clunk when you put in your timesheet like it could bite your hand off if it wanted....
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I'll be appearing at the Concord Festival of the Author on October 29th at 7:30 PM. Details here.
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Okay - I'm jumping off into the world of multimedia by recording an audio tour of Transcendentalist Concord.  I will be recording narration for the North Bridge, the Old Manse, Walden Pond, Bush House, the Concord Museum, the Wayside, the Orchard House, and Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.  Each stop along...
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Country Joe McDonald one of the Hero's of Woodstock did a solo concert last night at the Farmer's Market in Todos Santos Plaza in Concord. He played sitting down and produced bright and vibrant versions of Section 43, Save The Whales, Janis, and Hold on It's Coming. This was the first time I have...
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Photographing Literary Landmarks One of my favorite parts of the three books I have done in the past four years is doing the photography. I have had the great fortune to photograph the Alcott’s Fruitlands farmhouse at sunrise on a cold January morning, William Butler Yeats’ Galway tower in the...
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Are there times when the frenetic rush of urban life makes your head want to explode? When the cell phone rings at the exact same moment the cappuccino maker steams your café latte while the road crew outside begins breaking up the sidewalk with a jackhammer, there may be only one cure: go...