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Last night we decided to take the coastal route on the bus ride home from Vina del Mar.  We got off far enough from the steps that lead up to our house for a chance to walk along the breakwater.  The tide was high and waves splashed over the rocks, their last wisps directly below us.  The moon lit...
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Our neighbors, a woman with a bad back, a self-proclaimed black sheep of a well-known and wealthy family (they own one of the largest banks), and an old friend who just moved in with her, have called the Carabineros twice today.  The first time was because of their stolen car.  At 3 a.m., my...
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I love this photo my husband took of a sea cave along the beach in Quintero. It reminds me of an archetypal portal, a door leading from one reality to another. The sea can easily become a symbol of the life beyond, by which I don't mean beyond the grave . . . but beyond the day-to-day life, the...