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  I had heard of The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brain by Nick Carr, as it received quite a bit of attention when it came out last year. But until this week, when I read an article that I had ripped out of a magazine back then, I didn't realize that the author...
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           I fielded a call from a disgruntled client a couple of weeks ago.  He had subscribed his sales force of seven people to a program that included four one-hour training sessions, delivered on-line, and a 45 minute session for him to show him how to...
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I hate that the old cliché is true, but I've done some of my best writing when I've been incredibly unhappy. Glutton for punishment that I am, I've been able to take psychic pain and turn it into prose on numerous occasions (some of which have even been published). I only wish that this worked for...
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The making of Profiteroles requires a certain mood. First off there has to be nobody else in the house. Distractions are not welcome when a desire to make the most wonderful of all light pastry comes over you and so with that said, I am happy when H decides to head off in the jeep with the two...