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The work computer and I continue our disagreements.  The software claims I'm out of compliance. I need anti-virus. I've not installed PGP encryption on my hard drive. The Symantec security app tells me, "Everything is running. You have the latest updates. Your system is protected." "Comply,"...
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You may have heard one of two noises today. One probably sent animals into screeching, terrified flight. That was my screaming frustration. The other sound may have been something that caused the ground to shake. That would be Chrome and various plug-ins crashing. The last hour has been Chome hell...
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I learned two techie things this week. Both by unhappy accident you might say. First techie thing I learned: I ordered the DVD of a British sitcom called Miranda. It airs on KERA (DFW public TV) Sunday nights at 10:30. Writer and star Miranda Hart is nothing short of brilliant and, more...
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image via muslimyouth.net If there was ever any doubt that we and computer technology have become mutually embedded, that doubt dissolved this week. My computer apparently became manically depressed and refused to downlod crucial items: tax software, bookkeeping software updates, and writing...
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Just as I don't really understand how all the images get on my TV, or what all happens when I turn the key in the car, so the machinations of my computer astound me. So, if there is a method to help keep my machine free from harm, I'll take it. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * How to Scan Your Site...
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The ancient American Tech Support people had many sayings to fit their world. One was, "If your computer stops responding in a timely manner, a Microsoft update or other application update is probably being applied.  Give it a few minutes, and try again." They were right, as usual. It's...
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Well, I wrote a few paragraphs here <--- but then, my computer got all dumb on my and decided that it didn't like my writing. My paragraphs are gone now. I can't seem to muster up enough to write it again, so here you go ^^ blog post!
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Ever since I was six, I've wanted to go on safari. Over the years, I've read travel guides and written down names of safaris I've read about in newspapers and magazines. On my ideal safari, I would see a lot without spending a lot.   Recently, I found out about a new kind of safari. Actually,...
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I've been experiencing problems, both at home and at work, and I blogged about it. Some fellow Redroomers read my frustrations and counseled me. One told me not to curse my computer. It was an awareness lifting comment. I believe and practice positive thinking and positive energy. I'm an atheist...
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This is where so much of the computer updates and corrections go wrong. I'm on a call. I have time as I listen to attend my personal laptop. I go to the Windows Action Center to see if there are messages. There is one:  download a solution to a Think Vantage problem. Well, good. I experienced...