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computer crash | computer crash

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It's a total bummer when our computers go on the blitz. As writers, we depend on being able to connect 24/7. Last weekend I spent almost 15 hours troubleshooting my husband's internet connection issues (he is very non techy), not realizing that my computer would have a breakdown as well. Come...
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So last night when I restarted my computer since I hadn't done so in a while (a few days at least), it decided that it didn't want to load back up again. That's right - my computer died... Now I know quite a bit about computers so I did all of the things I could to try to get it back up and running...
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Weird day: computer crashed, external monitor died, saved the Dell, Sys Restore, wasted half a day, recruited anyway - conducted phone interviews, panicky; thought having heart attack but no such luck, had coffee instead, cat needy, kept trying to climb in lap while I was working, stabbed her, no I...